4 Tips to set up the Perfect Table

4 Tips to set up the Perfect Table

With Tamara Bajic from Palinopsia Ceramics.

'Tis the season for joy, celebration, and, let's face it, a little bit of chaos in the kitchen. As a passionate creator of ceramics and dinnerware, I get the struggle of wanting a Pinterest-worthy table setting amid the whirlwind of meal prep, cooking marathons, and the perpetual quest for the perfect playlist. Here are 4 tips to help create that perfect table setting.

Tip 1: Mix It Up: Creating a Narrative at the Table

 If you’re dinnerware just doesn’t cut it, then mix it up. Whoever said your dinnerware should match obviously hasn't tasted the joy of mixing and matching. Play around with different patterns, shapes, and colours to create a harmoniously eclectic vibe. Let your inner artist run wild as you craft a table setting that's uniquely you. There's no rule book that states your dinnerware must bear the same brand or come from a single maker. In fact, it absolutely shouldn't be. Why box yourself in when you can expand your horizons? Mixing and matching isn't just about aesthetics; it's a conversation starter and a story waiting to be told.

Tip 2: Blooms and Blossoms - It's Flower Power Time

Now, let's talk flowers because your table deserves a blooming good time. Mix and match wildflowers with exotic blooms. Create unexpected centrepieces using vintage teacups or mason jars. You can pick these up second hand for next to nothing. I tend to go with gum, I don’t always go bold with flowers, just something that will breathe a little bit of life into the table setting. Sometimes, all you need is a touch of lush foliage to bring a slice of nature to the table such as wildflowers wrapped around a delicate wire ring, creating fresh and charming napkin rings. Not only does it add texture, but it also infuses character into every setting, making your table truly one-of-a-kind.

Tip 3: Light It Up

Ambiance is everything. Creating the perfect atmosphere isn't just about the tableware; it's also about the lighting. If you're suffering from the oyster light curse or LEDs that could practically double as surgical lights – it's time to stage a lighting rebellion. Start by plunging your space into darkness, then unleash the cozy cavalry of candles and twinkling fairy lights. Embrace directional drama with spotlights and pendants, but remember, it's all about creating ambiance, not an interrogation room. Angle your lights discreetly in corners, play with colourful shades, or try paper lanterns.


 Tip 4: Let's Get Colourful

When choosing your tablecloth, dare to be different. Avoid the mundane choices like white or gray or natural. Instead, opt for colours that complement the tones in your dinnerware, such as blues, yellows, or olives. Dare to be different, mix in a few bold patterns. Have a bold colour for the tablecloth and then contrast the plates and tablecloth with napkins.

Here's a fun hack: Most table widths are smaller than a roll of fabric's width, so head over to your local fabric store and snag about 2 meters of your chosen fabric and colour. Fold the cut edges neatly and give them a good press with a hot iron then sew a clean seam across the edge. If you're not a sewing whiz, don't fret; you can opt for fabric glue, or leave the raw edge exposed.  This DIY approach allows you to customise your tablecloth to perfection, which is especially handy when you're hosting a larger event with trestle tables.

Don’t forget, the food will also add some beautiful touches of colour to your table, especially grazing platters. Great starters to any celebrations, they are so convenient and straight away stand out on your table. Salad platters are also a simple, delicious, addition of colour to your tablet setting.

Now time to enjoy this beautiful event you have just created!

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