It's Time to Graze!

It's Time to Graze!

We love a good grazing platter. They’re so versatile and with Soul Origin they taste as good as they look. It can be a little intimidating to make your own especially with all the Pinterest and Instagrams filled with the perfect grazing platters. However, we have some very helpful tips to make you a grazing board extraordinaire in no time!

1. Shapes are your friend

If you check out the best grazing boards or platters online. You’ll see they’re not afraid to use some fun shapes to really break it up. We love stacking our breakfast wraps or placing our sliders in a fun shape across the platter. Make sure to scatter the options across the board so it doesn’t matter what end of the board you are facing you still get to choose from all the options. The options are really endless, have some fun with it. 

2. Variety is everything

Now the whole point of a grazing board is to have LOTS of options. We love our catering packs because they’re affordable meaning you can purchase more than one. We are loving including sweets and savouries on our boards to cater for our sweet tooths as well as our savoury fans. On our latest grazing board, we paired our mini croissants and Danishes with our wraps or sandwiches. This is the best way to show off your grazing platter skills. Plus, it gives your guests the option to well graze!

3. Remember to always have a pop of colour!

It’s essential in every grazing platter to have a fun burst of colour. Whether this be from our Breakfast Pots with granola and yoghurt or a mix of fresh fruit. Or even from our Danishes with their berries it really adds to the overall grazing platter.

4. Signs, Signs, Signs

Now if you’re catering for a wide variety of dietary requirements, we do recommend investing in some little signs. We loved doing this for our sliders especially for the vege sliders. We don’t want any mix-ups of people picking up the wrong item or touching every item on the platter. Simply write something like “vege options” or “gluten free.” Your guests will love this extra personalized touch to their platter!

5. Don’t leave them thirsty

While we typically associate grazing boards with food. Don’t limit your options! We have some very delicious juices to include in your next grazing board. Available in Minty Melon and Orange both are very tasty and look very cute at the back of the grazing board!

We hope this provided some inspiration for your next event! We would love to see some of your creations, feel free to share them with us via our socials!

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